6th NCRWA Inaugural Session
6th NCRWA Inaugural Session
6th NCRWA Inaugural Session

6th National Conference of RWAs Concludes Successfully

Two packed days of deliberations at the 6th edition of the National Conference concluded successfully here on Sunday with experts, civic authority representatives and RWA participants from across the country acknowledging the importance of Constitutional recognition for RWAs and calling for a concerted drive to achieve the same.

The National Conference organized by the United Federation of Resident Welfare Associations (U-FERWAS) and the Confederation of RWAs (CoRWA), the apex body of RWAs India, with “Role of RWAs in Swachh Bharat”, as the umbrella theme, was attended by over 150 RWAs from at least eight states apart  apart from civic authorities.

Deliberations at the NCRWA revolved around six key topics:

  • Swachh Bharat & RWA’s Role
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Urban Housing & RERA implementation
  • Urban living, Transportation and Challenges
  • Constitutional Recognition & Powers to RWAs
  • Emerging trends in Civil Society

The first day witnessed power-packed sessions where distinguished speakers shared their views on the importance of RWAs in achieving the objectives of the Swachh Bharati Mission and stressed on the need for leveraging the RWA movement for larger nation building and augmenting the role served by civic authorities.

Delivering the inaugural address Shri Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC, acknowledge the merit in the demand for including RWAs in the 7th Schedule of the Constitution so that they could received a share of the funds devolved by the Centre and state governments, he however felt this demand was concomitant with the duties that citizens themselves need to carry out. Though Indian urban society has come a long way over the last 200 years in India, compared to local bodies in the West that have a history of 2000 years, there is still a lot of catching up to do, he observed.

Later addressing the gathering Shri Janardhana Reddy, Commissioner, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), said citizens and residents were permanent, while governments were temporary. However, transformation was a necessity but not easy by no means. The Swachh Bharat Mission which one of the triggers for this transformation in which RWA participation was essential for success, he observed.

Among the important sessions on day one of the Conference was on Urban Housing and RERA Implementation in which Shri Anthony De Sa, Chairman, MP RERA Authority, Justice B Rajendran, Chairman TN RERA Appellate Tribunal, delivered the keynote addresses.

Thereafter sessions on Swachh Bharat and RWAs and Solid Waste Management were conducted with panelists who included practitioners, experts and civic authorities shared their perspectives, experiences and best practices.


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